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The basics of hair transplant


Hair transplant is the method use to re-grow hair in the area of the body that has loses hair.  The process involves transplanting hair from one section of the body to another. This is primary utilizes in female pattern baldness, but it can also be used for female baldness, loss of hair due to surgical incision, trauma and burns.

Male pattern baldness forms the major cases.  There are two kind of patient that comes for hair transplant. It is either male in their early twenties or male in their early forties who are suffering from high rate of baldness.

Transplanting of hair is a cosmetic established method. It is elective and the personal aspiration of patient is the main driving force of the operation. Baldness can have a negative impact both on the social and professional life of the people suffering from it. Individual who are sensitive can become self conscious and find it difficult to interact with other individuals. A hair transplant at this time can be a life changer.


Hair transplant emerged in the early nineteenth century, when some surgeons are able to transplant scalp flaps to bald areas.  Hair transplant was also recorded in Japan in 1930 when hair is transplanted to replace damage eyebrow. Hair transplant of the modern days started when Dr.N Orentriech transplant free donor graft to bald areas. He shows that longevity of air is donor dominant, he show that lifetime of air is determined by the site which it grew originally and not on the site in which it was transplanted . Dr P. Walter describes the site with maximum lifetime longevity as Safe Donor Zone.


The basis of hair transplant is Safe Donor Zone. It will be noticed that in old and bald people hair is still left in the occipital and temporal part. This part hair is genetically programmed to last a life time. This area is the target area for hair transplant. Hair is taking from this area and transplanted to another part that lacks hair. Hair transplant from this point will last a life time that is why hair transplant is valuable. The two main method in which air transplant is done is by FUE and FUT.

FUT is referred to as Follicular Unit Transplantation. In this process strip of skin of 1cm wide is section out from occipital part. Doctor then splices this strip into individual follicles. These follicles are now transplanted into bald area.

FUE during this process a drill of 1mm diameter Is carefully use to remove each hair follicle containing 1-5 hairs. Small holes are left behind which do not have any visible scar. Then the drill hair follicles are placed in the donor site after 1-4 hair follicles are drill out.

After the procedure the donor site is covered and the transplanted is left freely. Advised are given by hair transplant turkey to be patience not to rub the transplanted area

In conclusion, hair transplant is growing popularity .Every individual want more luxury and nobody want to be left behind in the race of happiness and success. More than 100000 have been done in us.

Check out this link for more informations and tips! http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/hair-loss/men-hair-loss-17/hair-transplants

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